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Sustainable Packaging Research, Information, and Networking Group

Who We Are

Our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) regularly "check in" and are available to answer your questions, comment on our posts, and review materials that are sent to us. You can click on their names to review their LinkedIn work histories, degrees, areas of expertise, publications, etc. We are always looking for experts! Please provide names and career histories to Bob Lilienfeld.

Some of our experts are precluded from being listed as SMEs for legal reasons. We are grateful for their personal, pro bono interest and participation. They're included below as Personal Contributors.

Our Advisory Board manages day-to-day activities, facilitates and moderates discussions, and provides relevant input in fields where a Board Member has specific expertise.

Advisory Board      

Bob Lilienfeld - Sustainability

Dr. Claire Sand - Food Packaging

Tony Kingsbury - Polymer Science

Dr. Tom Brady  - Plastic Packaging

Peter Banfield - Packaging 

Chris Lynn - Packaging

Subject Matter Experts

Polymer Science/Plastics

Tony Kingsbury    Jeff Wooster

Dr. Ramani Narayan

Materials Science
Dr. Mario Grimau

Sustainable Plastic and Paper Films

Dr. Thomas Gröner

Mechanical Recycling Operations & Policy

Chaz Miller   Myles Cohen   Dr. Calvin Lakhan    Dr. Tom Brady


Municipal Solid Waste Management

Sarah Reeves

Chemical Recycling 

Dr. Mario Grimau    Dr. Calvin Lakhan

Food Waste

Dr. Claire Sand

Plastics Processing & Rheology

Dr. Laura Martin


Environmental Law & Policy

David McRobert

Chemicals of Concern

Dr. Maricel Maffini

Supply Chain Packaging
Bob Kayser

Policy and Public Affairs

Dan Duguay

Personal Contributors     

Personal contributors have significant expertise in their respective fields and work with us strictly on a pro bono basis.

Their participation is of a personal nature, and does not necessarily reflect the position of their employers.

Dr. Behrooz Ghorishi

Patent Examiner, Chemical Engineering at USPTO

Dr. Vladimir Pushkarev

Research Scientist, Braskem America

Drishti Masand

Sustainability Manager, Adidas

Jason Schwark

Associate Director, Sustainable Packaging, Anthesis Group

Lydia Kuyawa

Waste Diversion Business Manager,  Waste Management

Anne Bedarf

Global Packaging Sustainability Manager, Colgate-Palmolive

Dannette Casper

Staff Packaging Engineer, Edwards Lifesciences


Swati Sood, PhD, Paper Technology

Patricia Megali Coelho, Reusable Packaging Researcher

Who We Are

How We Work

We strive to always be thoughtful, honest, understanding, global in scope, and value-neutral.
There are no "one size fits all" solutions to sustainability issues. While problems may be global, solutions may need to be local, based on a variety of factors including infrastructures in place, economic conditions, political considerations, and societal norms.

We welcome all participants and treat them with respect.
Any poster who is disrespectful of others will have that post removed and will be removed from the network following a second incident.

We respect your right to post politically related statements on your own network.
SPRING is not interested in your politics and does not allow postings of an overtly political nature.


We do not accept advertising or donations of any kind.
Our SMEs are available for consulting and review work, and any financial arrangement must be worked out with them individually and reported to SPRING to ensure that future conflicts of interest are avoided.

We reserve the right to peer review submitted studies.
Our audience trusts us to provide scientifically accurate information with findings, conclusions, and recommended actions that are supported by the appropriate data.

Always review the LinkedIn credentials of those who post.
And remember that expertise, by definition, is limited. A football coach may be a sports expert, but that doesn't make them a packaging expert. Similarly, if discussing climate change, experts in the field of climatology or meteorology would normally have more credibility than biologists or chemical engineers. (Of course, degrees held, schools attended, employment history, and papers published all can make a difference.)

We ask that you please keep your posts and replies on-topic (sustainable packaging).
However, we gladly accept job and consulting postings in the packaging field.

How We Work
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