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SPRING Mentorship Program

It's said that change happens at the margins, and that those with the most to gain and the least to lose drive innovation. We're helping a select few startup companies operating in the sustainable packaging space. No stock options. No consulting fees. No Board of Directors seats. Just a strong desire to share our knowledge and expertise with young people and companies that we believe can make a difference.

This company creates magnetizable inks that enhance recycling by removing contaminants during the shredding process. For a PET bottle with PETE-G overwrap, a clear magnetic ink is applied to the overwrap. The entire bottle is ground up, and a magnet removes the overwrap particles as they are conveyed from the grinder. The APR is actively engaged, as are major label producers and beverage companies.

Pact Collective is a non-profit working to collect and recycle beauty packaging. They are already working with major retailers and material producers on collection and chemical recycling potential, respectively. Learn more at

Silvis Materials is a startup working on bio-based emulsions to replace petroleum materials in paints, inks, coatings, adhesives, binders, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The company just received a $125,000 grant from the University of Colorado, and was named best startup by Plug and Play Materials and Packaging Group.

Pact Collective
Silvis Materials
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