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Welcome to SPRING

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Introducing SPRING, the Sustainable Packaging Research, Information, and Networking Group. SPRING provides the expert thinking and advice you need to make informed decisions regarding sustainable packaging concerns. Focus will be on key sustainability issues such as recycling, reuse, reduction, materials selection, and climate change.

The key to SPRING’s success will be its Subject Matter Expert (SME) network. It includes highly regarded experts in fields such as Polymer Science, Materials Science, BioPlastics, Mechanical Recycling, Chemical Recycling, Life Cycle Assessment, and Supply Chain Packaging.

SPRING is being managed by an Advisory Board with recognized expertise in packaging, sustainable packaging, food packaging, and CPG packaging. These respected individuals were chosen for both their business acumen and their ability to think collaboratively, constructively, and tactfully.

SPRING will be an extension of my LinkedIn space, so you’re already part of it. (With your involvement, your networks will also be involved, creating a large independent network of concerned packaging professionals, policy makers, solid waste management professionals, business leaders, and influential consumers.)

Please feel free to review the SPRING concept at WE NEED MORE SMEs, so please use the contact section to make recommendations - including yourself, if appropriate. The Who We Are page on the site will show you where we have holes to fill. (If we’ve missed any topics that you think are relevant, let us know and provide SME candidates for those as well.)


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