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Welcome to SPRING


Introducing  SPRING

Sustainable Packaging Research, Information, and Networking Group

SPRING is a labor of love, started by me, Bob Lilienfeld. (Yeah, that's my photo.)  It is an expert-focused "think tank" that reflects upon, discusses, promotes, and delivers facts and opinions regarding the sustainability of packaging and packaging materials.


Our Goal:

Help policy makers, the media, business leaders, and thought leaders make effective decisions about the creation, use, and regeneration of packaging, thus providing optimum environmental, economic, and social value to consumers and their communities.

The group encompasses scientists, consultants, engineers, thought leaders, and packaging practitioners both across and within all types of packaging: paper, plastic, glass, metal, biomaterials, etc.


Our efforts are based on sound science, transparency, and respect for those with whom we both agree and disagree. Personal attacks, self-promotion, and political agendas are not tolerated.

Joining us is simple. Use the Connect to SPRING Via LinkedIn button above to join my LinkedIn group! (Starting a new group would not have been fair to the 10,000+ packaging decision makers with whom we're already in direct contact. It also makes it easy for me to suggest, facilitate, and moderate discussions.)

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